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RealTime Clinic Lets You “See” A Doctor Fast

Roger Hollings

Nov 4, 2015

If you’ve ever gone to the emergency room for a non-emergency, you’ll immediately appreciate how RealTime Clinic connects patients with doctors.

Almost everyone I know has been in this position at some point – a health problem emerges in the hours when your primary care doc or other care facilities are closed; you can’t wait, so you go to the emergency room, where you wait… and wait… and wait, until there’s a break in the action between emergencies; only to walk out with a mammoth bill.

Crazy, right? Aren’t illnesses and ailments misery enough? A person should be punished for having trouble at an inopportune hour?

We could spend a long time venting frustrations about healthcare, but our energy would be better served by checking out RealTime Clinic – a mobile platform that enables 24/7 consultations with a doctor in real time. Find care wherever you go, whenever you need it, without replaying that nightmare emergency-room scenario.

Without question there are times when patients and doctors need to meet face to face (RealTime Clinic makes scheduling these appointment a cinch, too). So much could be done via mobile/Internet faster, however, that it’s insane to not incorporate technology into the consultation process.

A quick chat via phone or webcam eliminates the agonizing trip to a doctor’s office when you’re unwell, the endless office wait, the time wasted scheduling and rescheduling… Plus, by knocking out all the communication that might take place out of the office via RealTime Clinic, the entire process speeds up for those patients that do need to meet with the doctor in person. This system affords smarter, more efficient healthcare access.

Patients only need sign up for an account then choose the provider they wish to see (in the visit type of their choosing), and they’re in touch with care providers in minutes rather than hours.

On the doctor’s end, RealTIme Clinic allows them to reach patients much more quickly and know more comfortably that patients have access to treatment when away from the office or out of town. A simple note about prescriptions would allow patients to obtain a refill when unavailable, for example, easily closing a gap in care.

RealTime Clinic is adding to the type of doctors available on the platform, but already includes certified doctors capable of treating many common conditions. Jump on the telemedicine train at realtimeclinic.com, and heal dysfunctional healthcare service.