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About Us

We Don't Just Collect Scores

RealTime Clinic uses discrepancy scores to measure how people feel about their health. The scores show how caregivers and patients think about the patient’s health and if the patient is getting better or worse over time.

Our technology collects and reports on key Patient-Reported Outcomes (PROs) such as pain, function, activity, worry of disease progression, level of independence and information gathered from patients directly (self-reported data) from our proprietary platform.

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The PeLTQL is currently in a private study and not available to the public yet. Click the link below to learn more about Dr. Vicky Ng and her team.

Creating a Healthier Experience.

01. Get Started

Download the app free from the App Store or Android Store and create an account.

02. Complete Assessment

Patients and caregivers complete the questionnaire on their mobile devices.

03.  Review Results

You instantly see your health scores and share results with your doctor.

RealTime Clinic Devices

How it works


Never Miss A Problem

Monitor Patients

Give patients a live look into their health and allow clinicians to monitor more than one measure.


The PRO dashboard empowers patients to stay informed, track progress, and share their experience in real time.

Early Interventions

With RealTime Clinic, clinicians can identify potential concerns and address them early.

Medical Outcomes

We make it easy to measure patients health and share the results with your clinicians.

Easily Connect

PROs capture patient feedback in real-time and provide opportunities to improve care earlier.

Proactive Care

RealTime Clinic ensures that patients are given the time, attention and resources to stay engaged with their healthcare team.

"May I say that we are totally ahead of the curve that we are not just trying to implement telemedicine but indeed improve on it."

Dr. Eyal Shemesh

Chief of the Division of Behavioral and Developmental Health in the Department of Pediatrics at Mount Sinai Medical Center.


Nehal Swami

Nehal is a multi-award-winning digital health visionary and serial entrepreneur. He is passionate about emerging technologies and developing digital platforms to improve healthcare and community health.

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Scott Alpard

Scott brings thirty years of experience in executive healthcare management and operations, medical device/product development and testing, research (basic science, translational, and clinical research) in academic medical centers, and healthcare and life science management consulting.

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