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Get real-time communication between patients, caregivers, and clinicians with RealTime Clinic. Our revolutionary approach has been successfully implemented in leading hospitals and presented at scientific events. Read the peer-reviewed journal article today!

Unfair Advantage

Our technology tells you what the patient is saying

not what the doctor is testing

We Measure How People Feel About Their Health

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The World's First Empathy-Based Solution

We help clinicians and caregivers measure how patients feel about their health outside of the hospital. This is done by collecting data from patient-led interviews in real time, as well as clinically validated assessments. We also give feedback to care teams on how the patient and caregiver perceive their health at that moment in time.

User-Friendly: Patients, caregivers, and clinician rated RTC as "very easy" or "easy"


We are rapidly integrating our platform into ten leading hospitals across the United States and Canada


Federally funded to improve telehealth, conduct research, & develop innovative solutions with new grants


Actively used in the United States and Canada, and available in both Spanish and English


Since 2019, RealTime Clinic has been working with the world's leading scientists in areas such as clinical psychology and epidemiology, who also have extensive experience working with real-world healthcare settings.

We've learned that we can better understand how well a treatment works by looking at the difference between what patients and caregivers tell us. This information can then be used to improve patient outcomes.

A Collaborative Effort

Use Cases

Collaborating with SNEPT and SPLIT provides investigators with exclusive access to a broad network of healthcare providers, policy makers, and transplant centers, expert guidance on health IT solutions, and insights on patient-reported outcomes in transplant care.

The PARTNER Project and RealTime Clinic highlight the importance of family engagement in pediatric transplant care, providing unique insights that can inform future interventions and improve healthcare outcomes for special populations.

FCC Telehealth Program approves $3.23M to support providers, purchase telecommunication and devices, and deliver connected care services to patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. RealTime Clinic is one of the first recipients.

At RealTime Clinic, we understand that up-to-date data is more essential than ever in today's healthcare environment. With value-based care models imposing strain on clinicians to provide quality care at a reduced cost and consumers insisting on more clarity and selection, precise and timely information about a patient's condition is indispensable.

Transforming Patient Care through Real-Time Data Analysis and Monitoring

Thank you for your interest in RealTime Clinic! We are here to answer any questions you may have about our products or services.

Please feel free to reach out to us via the contact form or email, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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RealTime Clinic is pushing the healthcare field forward by developing a new, improved way to practice medicine. We are committed to positively impacting the healthcare industry and are dedicated to helping patients and caregivers connect with the care they need.

Let's do it together!


Mt. Sinai

Dr. Eyal Shemesh

"We needed RealTime Clinic to see and fully grasp that difference." No other platform provides this



Dr. Steve Lewis

"I have used several digital health apps in the past, but none of them come close to the simplicity and ease of use that RealTime Clinic provides."

Toronto SickKids

Dr. Vicky Ng

"The RTC app's functionality endorsed a "quite easy" or "very easy"

experience across all app



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2023 Becker's Rising Stars: Healthcare under 40

Becker's is proud to recognize and celebrate the rising stars in healthcare under 40 who are making an impact by focusing on accessibility and affordability and boosting the patient experience.

23 December 2022 • Announcement

Top 10 HealthTech Challengers


Health Tech Challengers identifies and brings top global digital health tech startups together on one stage to compete for global media exposure as well as the attention of 100+ VCs and CVCs.

14 October 2023 • Announcement

RealTime Clinic Selected by UCSF and UPMC for PCORI Grant

FCC Telehealth Program approves $3.23M to support providers, purchase telecommunication and devices. RealTime Clinic is one of the first recipients.

02 October 2020 • Announcement

Selected for 2 FCC Covid19 Telehealth Grants

RealTime Clinic among first FCC Telehealth Program recipients, receives funding for COVID-19 connected care services.

15 August 2021 • Announcement

RealTime Clinic Selected for ARHQ Grant to Integrate into 40 Clinics

RealTime Clinic chosen for ARHQ grant to integrate its platform into 40 clinics, expanding its innovative health technology to improve patient care.

02 October 2020 • Announcement

2022 UCSF Health Hub Awards Rising Star Nominee

Each year the @ucsfhealthaward recognizes innovative technologies in #digitalhealth. We're thrilled to announce our application to the #RisingStar track!

11 May 2021 • Announcement

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