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Finalist Recognition: RealTime Clinic in the Health Tech Challengers 2022

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

A tweet announcing RealTime Clinic as top 10 health tech companies.

Well-known experts choose ten companies from each track from well-known companies, venture capital funds, ecosystem builders, and media partners. The top 80 startups are invited to give a pitch at Health Tech Forward 2022, which is the biggest event in the industry every year. This opportunity offers valuable media and PR exposure and invaluable networking opportunities.

A Prominent Health Tech Challenger

One company is announced as the ultimate Health Tech Challengers 2022 award winner. Other finalists in each track are honored on stage and awarded prizes.

RealTime Clinic is proud to be a finalist for the Health Tech Challengers 2022 award. We are one of the top 80 startups in the eight tracks. We have the opportunity to pitch our innovative healthcare solutions (in-person or virtually) at the leading industry conference of the year. We are excited to take part in this prestigious event and to be able to connect and network with other healthcare industry leaders.

Our team's hard work and dedication have been recognized by a group of well-known experts in the field, and we're excited to see what comes next for the Health Tech Challengers 2022 award. However, our journey does not stop there. We keep improving and adding to our software to ensure that providers have the best tools and resources to give their patients the best healthcare possible.

The Benefits of Being a Finalist

As a finalist for the Health Tech Challengers 2022, we are proud to get good press and media attention. When we were chosen as one of the 80 finalists, it spotlighted our new ideas and backed up our work. With this recognition, you can reach out to possible customers, investors, and partners in the healthcare industry.

In addition to significant media coverage, the finalists also receive several awards. The overall winner of the Health Tech Challengers 2022 award is awarded a cash prize of $50,000. The remaining 80 finalists receive $2,000 in cash awards, mentorship opportunities with top industry professionals and healthcare service providers, media interviews and press kits, networking opportunities, and finalist recognition on a plaque.

Looking Ahead

As a finalist in the Health Tech Challengers 2022 competition, RealTime Clinic keeps progressing and developing new ideas. We are committed to giving healthcare providers the best tools and resources so they can provide their patients good care. As we look ahead to the Health Tech Forward 2022 conference, we are confident that we will make the most of this opportunity and be able to further our mission.


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The RealTime Clinic is a data-driven platform that collects real-time feedback from patients and caregivers, empowering physicians with insights into their patients' health perceptions.

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