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The True Path to Value-Based Care: RealTime Clinic's Human-Centric Approach

For too long, the healthcare industry has been stuck in the past - relying on antiquated systems and methods that fail to meet the needs of today's patients. At the same time, many digital health companies take a flawed approach, focusing narrowly on building flashy tech rather than genuinely understanding the humans their solutions aim to serve.

At RealTime Clinic, our philosophy is different. We believe the path to meaningful innovation starts with empathy - walking in the shoes of patients, caregivers, and clinicians to understand their real-world challenges. This human-centric approach guides our efforts to leverage technology thoughtfully, not just for technology's sake, but to improve experiences and outcomes tangibly.

For example, we recognize that health happens in hospitals and daily life. So, we capture patient-reported outcomes through assessments that provide a more holistic view of health. Our platform analyzes this data using advanced techniques like vector embedding analysis to uncover connections and categorize information. This allows clinicians to identify issues early, before they escalate, and gain invaluable insights to provide preventative, proactive care.

In essence, we are filling critical gaps in care. While EMRs may contain 20% of a patient's clinical history, 80% happens outside hospital walls. By integrating patient perspectives, we supply the missing context clinicians need to make informed decisions.

This approach has enabled pioneering partnerships with leading pediatric hospitals to incorporate our solutions into clinical workflows. It also positions health systems to confidently take on risk-based contracts. They can accurately estimate needs with comprehensive real-world data on their patient population versus relying solely on limited clinical data.

At the core, we realize technology is not the hero here - people are. That's why our focus is on understanding human stories and emotions to develop solutions that truly empower patients, caregivers, and clinicians. This human-first mindset represents the future of digital health - and it's why RealTime Clinic is poised to transform outcomes through thoughtful innovation.


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The RealTime Clinic is a data-driven platform that collects real-time feedback from patients and caregivers, empowering physicians with insights into their patients' health perceptions.

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